We’re here to help you every step of the way when it comes to creating consistent, quality video for your business, but at the end of the day it’s you and your team in the spotlight! It may seem a daunting task, especially if you’re used to being behind the scenes. Here are 10 tips to assure you’re comfortable on camera and the star of your videos. 

  • Wear Clothing that Boosts Your Confidence 

Make sure you wear clothing that not only looks professional but you feel comfortable and confident in. Showing your personality through your clothing can make you come off more personable to your clients. 

Whether you dress in a suit and tie or a company uniform for your work day, you can always put a personal twist on it for your videos. Wearing something that you feel good about yourself in will show on video, and that will be a huge benefit to your company and your clientele. 

  • Your Body Talks: What Is It Telling Your Viewers?

For those of you who talk with your hands, make sure you find a comfortable place to rest them during the video. Too much body language becomes distracting. 

Nervousness on camera can come across through fidgeting with your hands, bouncing your legs, or touching your face. Try to make the conscious decision to keep your body parts in certain areas to avoid excessive movement. Sit up straight and convey power and energy through your posture. Nobody has to know you’re nervous if you don’ t let them!

  • No News Anchors Here

Use your natural voice when speaking on camera. It can be a common practice to want to use your “Good Morning America” voice while filming, but it won’t come off as personable or authentic. Be yourself and speak to the camera the same way you would speak to your friends, family or clients. 

  • Less Is More

You know what you’re talking about. So focus on how you deliver your message. If you rush through your script, you throw away your credibility. Your choice of words is also key. Simple and clear is best. Enunciate and avoid slang at all costs. 

  • The Camera Won’t Bite You (And Neither Will We)

Eye Contact is so important! Unless it’s deliberately scripted to look elsewhere, always speak directly to the camera.  Don’t look around or dart your eyes. You are telling your audience you’re nervous and looking for the door!  Imagine the camera wasn’t there; you’re speaking to your customers and followers. Through eye contact you come off as sincere,confident and as somebody they want to work with.

  • Be Cool

Don’t go in nervous. Do whatever you need to calm down. If you need to do jumping jacks in the corner to get the jitters out, do it! We don’t judge. Only sit down in front of the camera once you’re feeling calm, cool and collected. 

  • BREATHE. We All Need To.

Not only is it essential for life, but breathing is necessary to being a star on camera. Try doing some breathing exercises before going on camera. Keep your breath steady and deliberate throughout. This will help with your pacing, delivery and nerves. 

  • Be You

Unless you’re portraying a character, make sure you are being authentic and real to yourself. It is especially important if you;re marketing yourself, your business or a service you offer. You want your audience to trust you, and that only happens if you are being your true self. 

  • Know Your Lines

Make sure you practice what you’re going to say.  You don’t need to deliver word for word, but you should make sure you hit the key points you want to address in your video. Being prepared with your content will also let you focus on coming across as sincere and knowdegelable.

  • This Is Fun. We’re Having Fun. 

It might be cheesy but making a video to promote your business you care about should be fun! You’ve put a lot into your brand, and we want that to show. Be proud to show off what you work hard every day for. If you’re having fun with the process that will shine through in your videos. 

The best part about filming your own content on your own time, unlimited mess ups. What do you think our editors are here for? We stand by these tips and more to help you produce the best content you can. We will be your director, editor, producer, stylist, cheerleader, meditation guru and beyond. We will help you every step of the way to be a rockstar on camera.