If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs and videos, and you like what we do you’re possibly thinking about implementing our services within your own organization. But what if you’re not the person who gets to decide what the marketing budget is spent on? We’re going to talk about some ways you’ll be able to get buy-in from your boss or leadership team so you can start taking your ideas and turning them into reality. 


When we talk about video marketing we always want to talk about return on investment (ROI). If used strategically, video marketing can benefit your business tremendously. It has been shown to have a fantastic impact on ROI with a proven track record of boosting brand awareness, increasing lead generation and improving conversion rates. With consistent video we focus on coming back month to month, and working side by side with you to create content that returns the investment that you put into it. Consistent video marketing is sure to win your audience over and boost return on investment (ROI). In fact, 88% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their social media video marketing efforts according to SyncShow. Bosses love ideas backed by numbers, her are some amazing statistics to emphasize the importance of including video in your company’s marketing plans: 


One of the most important points to bring to your boss is efficiency. Our process makes it super easy to create consistent video content without the fuss. We work on being that copilot. You meet with us once a month to come up with a production plan, and then leave the rest to our producers, videographers and editors. For  more insight on our process check out our previous blog where we breakdown how our system works. 

If your boss or leadership still isn’t convinced video marketing is what our company needs, have them reach out to us directly! We’d love to explain what we do in detail and why we believe consistent video content is what’s missing from your marketing strategy.