Right now we are living in a world of uncertainty. As a business owner, you may feel powerless to the COVID environment we’re all experiencing, and how it is affecting your business. In a world of uncertainty it is more important than ever to have a clear and consistent plan for your marketing.

You may not be able to control all the COVID ordinances and regulations surrounding your business, but you are in control of your marketing and the goals you wish to achieve through a well thought out plan. At Creative Copilot we believe in a 52 Week Framework that will help you plan your content and put it into action consistently. 

What is the 52 Week Framework?

There are 52 weeks in a full calendar year, which means we help you create, at the very least, one video per week. We start by working with you to come up with 52 topics, themes or ideas you want to communicate with your audience. These topics can be:

  • General information about your business
  • Events
  • Industry specific information
  • Behind the scenes
  • Commercials
  • Holiday messages
  • Anything your heart desires

We then help you fit those themes into your calendar. Keep in mind important events, dates or sales your business may regularly run, and plan your topics accordingly. This calendar is always flexible to accommodate changing topics or rearranging the timeline. We provide you with a video planner for the year where you can fully develop your weekly topics and what you wish to achieve by creating these videos. 

The Production

After we plan the year with you we start creating! We’ll help you determine which day is best for posting your content so you’ll have a video to post on a weekly basis. Once we determine your posting schedule, we make sure you have all the content you need for easy, consistent video marketing.

For example; if you decide you want to post a video every Monday in August you would need to have five topics and videos created, because there are five Mondays in August this year. We start production the month before–August’s videos would be filmed in July, July’s video’s would be filmed in June and so on. This way we know you will always have your content ready to go when you need it. Throughout the month we shoot, edit and tweak the videos to meet your standards so you have the perfect deliverable for your release date. We’ll meet once a month to knock out your videos for the following month, and we’ll always be available for support.

Not so scary right?

We’re here to help you take that big number of 52, and break it down into manageable chunks with attainable goals. Planning your content helps you work ahead, so you never fall behind. We’re here to make sure you have everything you need to create a consistent video plan for your entire business year. We make it simple to create quality content without the stress. Contact us for a consultation with a media professional or for more information on our process.