When you think about “video marketing” you tend to think about the commercials you see on TV. You may imagine the classic Coca-Cola polar bear holiday commercials, or the familiar face of Flo from Progressive. When it comes to video marketing you may think you need to make a “commercial” like the big companies. We’re here to tell you that you don’t. You don’t need to copy the big brands to see a big return from your video marketing campaign. 

You should acknowledge that your company and the big company have different goals when it comes to video marketing. Coca-Cola already has brand recognition. They can spend the big bucks to make a commercial that’s not about selling coke, but more about making their audience smile.

Uzoma Obasi, our CEO has some insight on why you shouldn’t just copy your video marketing tactics. “They have different metrics than small businesses do. So if you’re looking at Creative Copilot for example, we want to make sales. That is our main goal. As a small business you can not afford to just make people smile and laugh.” 

When it comes to creating quality video content there are two things to keep in mind:

    • Budget: You need to be creating video that gives you the most for the amount you can spend on it. 
  • Goal: What are you hoping to gain with the video content you are producing? What message are you hoping to deliver to your audience?

Effective video content comes from creating material that is important to you and your businesses goals. Be authentic instead of focusing on gimmicks. Consumers prefer quality and authenticity when it comes to video content put out from brands over videos that seem “big budget” and artificial according to HubSpot. 

Being original and creating videos that are “real” for your company is more effective than copying what the big companies are doing. If you need a starting point for what kind of video is right for you, check out our blog for some ideas on popular videos that will fit your business goals. 

With the help of Creative Copilot, video marketing is in reach for businesses of any size. We offer production packages to fit your budget and your marketing needs. We can help you create quality, authentic content that will gain your audience’s attention while growing your customer base.