You hear it all the time, maybe you even make the same excuse for yourself: social media is for “young people.” Just because millennials are the generation that grew up with social media, doesn’t mean they’re the only ones utilizing it. 

Video on social media accounts for 87% of the content on the internet, according to Wordstream; with 75 million people accessing video on Facebook alone every. single. day. If you look at the age group of users on Facebook the highest demographic of users are aged 30 and up:

  • 79% of users are 30-49
  • 68% of users are  50-64
  • 46% of users are 65+

So the idea that “only millennials use video” is a narrative you need to stop buying into! The age range for video creators ranges from toddlers to “boomers,” with the highest earning Youtube creator making $22 million dollars. He’s seven.

Speaking of Youtube, over 1.9 billion people use youtube. That’s about one-third of the world’s population. It  is the second most visited website after Google. Once again, it’s not just the millennials watching youtube videos:

  • 87% of users are 30-49
  • 70% of users are 50-64
  • 38% of users are 65+

Everyone should be creating video for their business, and YOU should be the one creating it. Don’t push your video creation or social media management off to the youngest staff member, intern or somebody’s son, daughter, niece or nephew. You know your business goals best. You’re the one who knows what kind of content you need to be putting out to reach those goals. 

Social media and video can be a scary thought to those unfamiliar with it but we’re here to help! Schedule a consultation with one of our media experts today and get creating.