At Creative Copilot we are taking steps to keep you, your team and our team safe during production. We are adhering to all CDC guidelines while implementing techniques to ensure we are creating quality content, safely. 

  • Observing the 6ft. distancing requirements.
  • Requiring you and our production team to wear masks (except when the subject is on camera, unless you would like to keep it on)! 
  • Practicing frequent and thorough hand sanitizing.
  • Bringing only the necessary amount of team members needed for production.
  • Monitoring our health. If our team is feeling ill or your team is feeling ill we will cancel production and plan a reshoot when it is safe to do so.

We are also tweaking some of our production techniques to ensure we can safely shoot while keeping as far apart as possible:

  • We’ve switched to using longer lenses to capture quality video from farther away. 
  • Using shotgun mics instead of lavalier mics (the ones that hook onto your body) so the equipment does not have to physically touch you. 

Utilizing larger spaces or the outdoors for filming locations to ensure we are staying a safe distance apart.