If you were born between 1981-1996 congrats, you’re a millennial! Millennials have the unique position of being born right on the cusp of the public use of the internet and the technological revolution, and because of this the assumption is all millennials are tech savvy, content producing experts. 

Whether you’re the Lebron James of video production or brand new to the game, there’s always room to expand your knowledge and step your production process up with some helpful tips and tricks from Creative Copilot. 


Millennials love apps. From our personal social media, to money sharing and locating the best brunch spots in your city, there’s an app for everything. You should be utilizing applications to create quality video, easily. 

  • Adobe Premier Rush For Video: Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing app for creating and sharing videos. It’s easy to learn, gives you plenty of control over your creations with its motion graphics templates and audio features. Rush is well designed and it’s easy interface allows users to create professional looking videos simply and quickly. 
  • Splice: From the makers of the GoPro, Splice allows you to import and arrange clips, each of which can be individually edited to create easy video content. It is best for quickly editing videos on your smartphone, and can easily be synced to your itunes library to add audio track to your video. You can also add text, transitions, and filters; trim and arrange video clips, use ‘documentary-style effects, plus clip speed can also be adjusted.
  • iMovie: If you have an Apple product, you’re already equipped with a great app for producing quality video content. iMovie is easy to use and features some excellent tools for creating videos like; its ability to fix shaky videos, edit clip up close, change the audio over a video clip, user-friendly interface, customizations, built-in special effects, video enhancement features, real-time titling, stabilization, automated video editing, crop and rotate video clip and easy sharing.
  • Quick: As the name suggests this is an app that allows you to create quick videos utilizing it’s fast editing process. It was designed primarily for Instagram videos, but is suitable for anyone looking to make some quick content using one of it’s 28 automated video styles. 
  • VivaVideo: VivaVideo is an easy to use, yet powerful video app that allows you to transform everyday videos into works of art. It uses a storyboard style of editing so you can load your video clips and edit, duplicate, merge crop and trim them individually.You can also use a slideshow feature to incorporate photos and videos.
  • Magisto: Magisto uses AI to transform your videos into polished movies. It features templates, a media library, text overlays, drag and drop, customizable branding, privacy options, text to video and social sharing. This intuitive app will automatically edit and create your video, saving a lot of your time.


If millennials know one thing it’s how to get the most out of a dollar. You don’t need the fancy, expensive equipment to create high quality videos. As long as you can point and shoot, you should be able to use a smartphone, laptop or tablet to create great content for a great price. 

“Millennials are more open to doing things on their phone or ipad,” says Uzoma Obasi, our founder here at Creative Copilot. “Most people feel like they need the cameras and the lights to create video. Millennials are okay with the less professional equipment that most people think they need.” 

Here are some helpful things to remember when you shoot your own video: 

  • Lighting: Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of a finished professional video, so make it one of your top priorities during filming. If you don’t use enough properly-placed light, your video quality will look poor and amateurish. 
  • Background: Make sure you use a clean background that is free of clutter and distractions. Be deliberate about where you’re filming your videos, whether it’s a plain backdrop or a clean office. Be careful not to film in front of any reflective surfaces, including windows, to avoid getting your camera in the shot. 
  • Audio: Your audio quality can actually be more important than your video quality. Your viewers are willing to forgive less than stellar video if the audio is crisp, clear and easy to understand. If you invest in one thing it should be a quality microphone that performs well and lasts a long time. 
  • Use a Steady Hand: Shaky video can make professional videos look like a home movie. If you have trouble holding your device steady, try using a tripod or setting your filming equipment down on a level surface. Try to not move your camera unless you absolutely have to, instead of moving the camera to change perspective, it’s better to cut from one shot to the next. 
  • Use Your Phone the Right Way: Using your phone is a go-to way for a lot of people to capture video. Make sure you’re using your back camera instead of the front-facing camera, because the quality is often much better.Another protip: a HUGE mistake people often make is recording vertically instead of horizontally. Horizontal video ensures you video will transfer well to other screens, not just mobile. 
  • Keep Editing Simple: Trying out different effects can be fun, but don’t go overboard. Keeping your edits clean and simple will elevate the professionalism of your video. Utilize one of the awesome apps we mentioned earlier to help with hassle-free diting. 

Tech savvy millennials can always benefit from guidance to elevate their video game. If you’re ready for some coaching to help you create the best content for your brand, reach out to us! We’re here to help.