Using influencers, people with large followings on social media, is becoming an increasingly effective way for businesses to get their names out and reach larger audiences. It sounds simple enough, have someone who gets a ton of attention online talk about your product or service and in turn you’ll receive more business. 

Influencer marketing can lead to real business results. A survey found that 34% of daily U.S. Instagram users bought something because a blogger or influencer recommended it. Instagram is the platform of choice for social influencers. 89% of marketers identify it as one of the most important channels for influencer marketing.

Featuring influencers in your videos can definitely help you gain attention, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to partner with someone. 


The most important thing to consider when working with an influencer is their audience. Are they reaching the same people you are trying to reach as a business? Does their content align with your company’s values and beliefs? 

The right influencer can reach your target audience, build trust, and drive engagement. They create original, engaging content and their audiences respect their recommendations, So, it’s critical to work only with social media influencers whose vision aligns with your own.

“Make sure you’re using an influencer that matches who your audience is paying attention to,” says CEO Uzoma Obasi. “If you’re just using someone who’s popular and their audience doesn’t make sense for your audience you’re not really going to see the benefits.” 


It is important to consider the relevance of your chosen influencer when thinking of starting a partnership. For example, one of our clients recently partnered with NFL running back Ameer Abdullah for a series of videos. They picked the perfect time to work with Ameer as the NFL season is starting and audiences are more tuned in to all things football. 

Also, consider if the influencer you chose is relevant to the message or goal of your video.  A relevant influencer shares content relevant to your business and industry. They need to have an audience that aligns with your target market.


When you are working with someone else be clear in what you expect from them, and what you will give in return. Some influencers require payment for their platform. Others will be willing to trade services for services. When reaching out to influencers make sure you have a clear outline about what each of you will be providing for the other. 

You may need to give up some creative control when working with influencers. Their followers have come to expect certain branding when it comes to their platforms, so you should be open to them putting their own spin on your content. 

Outline when, where and the amount of posts you expect from them. Is this a one time partnership or are you looking for long term commitment from them? Are they posting on their stories versus their actual feed? Should they post about your business once a week or once a month? These are all important things to consider before reaching out to an influencer. 

Using influencers in your video campaign can be an excellent way to gain attention and reach new customers. Maybe you have an influencer in mind or you need help choosing the perfect person for your video, we can help! Contact us for more information on planning an insta worthy video shoot.